We have updated Good Laboratory Practices compliance certificate (GLP´s)

This certificate of GLP compliance confirms that Competent Authorities consider the studies carried out of :

2.1 In vitro toxicity
9.5 Safety Pharmacology
9.9 Biocompabtibility of medical devices
2.1 In vivo toxicity
2.1.1 Short term
2.1.2 Long term
2.4 Tolerance
2.4.2 Ocular tolerance

Comply with the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) demanded by the Spanish legislation ( Royal Decree 822/1993, of the 28th of May, modified by Royal Decree 1369/2000 of the 19th of June) wich are in keeping with Directives 67/548/CEE, 87/18/CEE, modified by Directive 99/11/CEE and Directive 2004/10/CEE.

We expect this will be an added value for future studies performed at our facilities.