Research, Innovation and Development projects

We collaborate to make your projects come true collaborating with our experience.

We make our experience and our human and technical resources available to researchers and companies in the field of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences to design, develop or complete research, innovation or development projects.

We have a network of experienced investigators capable of acting as advisers. We can participate in calls for public-private collaboration projects at a regional, national or European level.

We have a vast experience in helping researchers to develop their projects, providing guidance, if necessary, and in other, by our human and/or technical equipment, or serving as an intermediary to the University of Valladolid research facilities.

If you only have an idea, and you think it is good one (the most important thing is a good idea) and you want to share it with us, we will evaluate it and find a way to help you through our network of contacts or proposing sources for financing.