Preclinical Platform

In vitro models

Corneal Inflammation

Conjunctival Inflammation

Corneal Oxidative Stress

Conjunctival Oxidative Stress

Corneal Wound Healing

Corneal Apoptosis and Inflammation

Conjunctival Apoptosis and Inflammation

3D and Ex vivo Models

3D Modelof Human Conjunctiva

Ex vivo Culture of PorcineOcular Surface

In vivo Models

Corneal Epithelial Wound Healing Model

Partial Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Model

Total Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Mode

Assays in Cell Monolayer

Cell Viability

Cell Proliferation


Intracellular Location

Transepithelial Resistance(TER)

Scratch Assay

Protein/mRNA Expression

Assays in 3D & Ex vivo Models



Tissue Location

Wound Healing

Protein/mRNA Expression

Functional Assays(efficacy)

Assays in In vivo Models




Protein/mRNA Expression

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

2.1. In vivo toxicity:

2.1.1. Short-term

2.1.2. Long-term

2.2. In vitro toxicity

2.4. Tolerance:

2.4.2. Ocular tolerance

9.5. Safety Pharmacology

9.9. Biocompatibility of medical devices