This manuscript is a sub-analisys of this clinical trial Pinto-Fraga J, Lopez-Miguel A, Gonzalez-Garcia MJ, Fernandez I, Lopez-de-la-Rosa a, Enriquez-de-Salamanca A, Stern ME, Calonge M. Topical Fluorometholone Protects the Ocular Surface of Dry Eye Patients from Desiccating Stress: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Ophthalmology 2016;123:141-153.

Tear samples from both eyes were taken; those from one eye were shipped to University of Tamere (Finland), where proteomics was performed. More than 700 proteins were identified in just 1 microL of tears and some showed differential expression depending upon the severity of DED, the influence of the controlled adverse environment (CELab) and the treatment. Luminex analisys was done in samples from the other eye and this manuscript is being submitted for publication. Both manuscripts defined potental biomarkers of Dry Eye Disease severity, activity and therapy (fluorometholone in this case).