Ocular surface diseases, including dry eye, this major reason for visits, to eye care professionals. Many companies are developing therapeutics for dry eye and have significant experience in field.

CELab offers cutting edges technology to carry out high quality research and clinicals trials. Several clinicals studies published have proven these facility provides tool to carry out high quality studies. Additionally, these contact lens industry is able to evaluate new materials and designs prior entering the market.


The close relationship, have VISION R&D and IOBA provides significant resource and protocol flexibility. The IOBA clinical area receives 18.000 patient-visits annually. All these patients are available for inclusions in studies by Vision R&D.


Financial resources for carrying out clinical trials are increasingly limited, however, time-to-market pressure is also growing, and consequently, selecting the appropriate partner is the key to success.

Clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of dry eye disease therapy have been always challenging because of the nature of the disease itself, the adequate selection of the therapeutic outcomes and the unavoidable exposure of the ocular surface to diverse environmental conditions.

We overcame these issues by using our state-of-the-art technology (CELab) and applying our expertise in the field. In fact, a reduced number of recruited patients are sufficient to demonstrate drug efficiency in a proof-of-concept trial (Pinto et al. Ophthalmology 2016). This know-how allows companies to shorten development timelines and reduce costs while maintaining clinical trial integrity.

Meeting your needs

Vision R&D specializes in offering preclinical and clinical ophthalmology research services “from bench to bedside”. We can support a wide array of organizations, from start-ups to global pharmaceutical and medical device companies, to efficiently bring their new products from concept to market. Vision R&D can provide consultation on client goals and objectives, and work with you to design an appropriate study to achieve those objectives.