CELab Advantages

Ocular surface can be affected by the ambient environment. This stress provides an opportunity to assess drug efficacy and contact lens tolerability, once environmental conditions are tightly controlled

The main advantages of using the CELab are:

  • Control of environmental conditions that patients are going to be exposed to during ocular assessment throughout all the visits including screening
  • The ocular surface of recruited patients can be reproducibly stressed regardless of the ambient environment
  • Capability to customize the environmental conditions to better show the drug efficacy
  • Ability to select the appropriate primary study endpoints and target patients for each drug. This is accomplished during a proof-of-concept phase IIa trial before undergoing the obligatory large sample phase IIb trial
  • Testing contact lenses in different environmental conditions allow generation of valuable data on ocular surface tolerance, comfort and vision
  • Advice provided by key opinion leaders with over twenty years of experience in running clinical trials